Representatives of the Foundation and its Board
Members of the Foundation Board include university research scientists working in nutrition, representatives of donor companies as well as representatives of Swiss nutrition organizations.

The Foundation is financed through return on the Foundation's means, through regular donor fees as well as through single donations. Donors are persons or organizations which: 1) regularly support the activities of the Foundation; or 2) through single donations indicate that they advocate the aims of the Foundation.

The entire sum is to benefit the supported research projects and activities.

Collaboration with related organizations
There is a synergistic collaboration with other Swiss organizations in the nutrition area. These include making results from supported projects available to a wide public audience through scientific conferences sponsored by related organizations, or in the publication of results in associated journals or other media.

Donors regularly contributing a minimal sum in accordance with the Foundation's regulations may participate in the Foundation council. In addition, it is possible for their name to appear in the framework of the Foundation. The manner of co-determination depends on the amount of the fee.

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